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AW 2023
Crystal Innovations AW 2023
New Color
Born from recycled electromagnetic waste and a decades-long friendship between two career chemists, Mesmera is the sublime amalgamation of serendipity and science.
As if by magic, Mesmera flickers from purple to green and back again, bewitching the senses with its characteristic metamerism, meaning it appears to the eye as one color though it comprises a different spectral composition.
This mood ring-like shade was developed over several months with the prestigious Czech Academy of Sciences and contains trace amounts of a rare-earth metal called neodymium, causing the crystals to appear differently under natural and synthetic light wavelengths.
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New Coating
New Coating
New coating for Rondelle Beads
An icier, more delicate version of our classic Aurora Borealis (AB) coating, Glitter gives merely a subtle wink of iridescence. Available exclusively for select colors of our machine-cut Rondelle Beads, this effervescent new coating dazzles without dominating its underlying color in an exquisite balancing act worthy of any couture catwalk or homemade heirloom.
Colors & Coatings
Range Extensions
Colors & Coatings


Nine additional colors / Sizes: 12mm, 14mm

Previously available only in Crystal, two of the largest sizes of our exquisite Rivoli MAXIMA now come in nine additional colors, including costume-jewelry classics like Jet, Peridot and Sapphire.
Cushion Square MAXIMA
Six additional colors / Sizes: 10 x 10mm, 12 x 12mm
Three additional coatings / Sizes: All
Our magnificent Cushion Square MAXIMA now comes in six additional colors in two of its three available sizes, and three additional coatings in all sizes, including its largest, size 18 x 18mm.

Improved Quality


No Hotfix / Hotfix
Sizes: All
Now produced according to Preciosa’s highest quality standards, six of our classic flatback shapes will join the rest of our flatbacks portfolio as part of Preciosa’s premium quality, lead-free MAXIMA line.
Available only in no-hotfix version
Entitled Hotel Anybody, this season’s fashion story is a playful riff on our rejuvenated desire to travel and was shot at the iconic Grand Hotel Pupp in the traditional spa town of Karlovy Vary.
Still Life Photography
Petr Karšulín
Fashion Photography
Luis Monteiro
Elite Model Management
Special thanks
Grandhotel Pupp